Repat in Denmark - Nationalt netværk for hjemvendte udlandsdanskere og deres familier

Repat in Denmark

25 repats netværkede i Dome of Visions

Tak for Madi Bolanos of Emma Severin fra Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole for nedenstående artikel og video fra arrangementet den 7. februar hos Dome of Visions. 

Expert teaches the importance of network at networking event

Networking was the main goal for the 25 participants at the Stambord Aarhus event last night. According to a networking expert, networking is essential for one’s professional life.    

By Madi Bolanos and Emma Severin
Networking is a longtime investment that requires full commitment according to networking expert Karina Boldsen. This was her message to the 25 participants at the Stambord Aarhus event last night, hosted by Erhverv Aarhus.

“Networking is important because it is all about relations and creating relationships. You have to take in mind that about 80 percent of all jobs are occupied because of network,” says Karina Boldsen, Chief Commercial Officer of Solitwork.

Stambord is an event created by the global network group Danes Abroad Business Group Online that encourages Danes across the world to build a network.
Stambord is held the first Wednesday of every month in 39 cities all over the world.

Will improve the international environment in Aarhus
According to Head of Communication in Erhverv Aarhus, Jesper Theil it is important to have such an event in Aarhus because Aarhus must be regarded as an attractive career destination.

“In order for companies to be able to attract and retain international competences including Danes coming home from international jobs, we must improve the international environment in Aarhus.” Furthermore, Jesper Theil says that he knows that many companies appreciate having such a network as Stambord for their employees to tap into after work hours.

A wider network is better
One of the reasons why Karina Boldsen wanted to speak at the event was to give the participants tools to start building their network. Even though networking is crucial, she knows that it is a big challenge for some people.
It is important for Karina Boldsen to motivate and increase the participants’ skills within networking and she emphasizes on the fact that everyone can contribute.

“A piece of advice is not to narrow down your network. The wider, the better,” says Karina Boldsen. 

Run by volunteers
Having an international network was also the very idea of DABGO when it was founded in 2006 by Jesper Løvendahl. He was then living in the US, and here he realized the importance of having a network.   

“I realized that I really didn’t have a network, so I decided to create one. I couldn’t really call it Jesper’s network though, so I tried to find another name,” says Jesper Løvendahl.

Today it is a network run by 100 volunteers across the globe, and Jesper Løvendahl tells that the network has helped many finding a new job, finding new contacts, sales opportunities and experience.


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