Repat in Denmark - Nationalt netværk for hjemvendte udlandsdanskere og deres familier

Repat in Denmark

Repat in Denmark is a nation-wide network for Danish repatriates and their families returning or considering returning to Denmark.

Erhverv Aarhus/International Community established Repat in Denmark with the vision of being the leading network in Denmark for Danish repatriates and their families.

Focusing on competencies and networking

The aim of Repat in Denmark is:
  • To create an active network for Danish repatriates and their families
  • To help Danish repatriates and their families to settle in Denmark
  • To support companies in attracting, welcoming and retaining Danish repatriates
  • To highlight the knowledge and international competencies Danish repatriates return with 
Repat in Denmark will be the focal point for relevant research and information regarding repatriation as well as for social and professional networking activities for repatriates.

Targeting the demand of companies for a highly qualified workforce

Repat in Denmark has been established based on the demand of companies for highly qualified employees with international experience. The network portal offers concrete and relevant knowledge regarding repatriation in order to create best-practice solutions for successful repatriation. For companies – especially HR departments – Repat in Denmark can be considered an extra resource. The result is higher efficiency in attracting, welcoming and retaining repatriates.

Repat in Denmark also provides a network for companies to join forces in their efforts to attract and retain a workforce with international competencies. Erhverv Aarhus/International Community organises Morning Seminars for HR professionals, where repatriation will be on the agenda. This joint effort contributes to the optimisation of the expatriation and repatriation strategies of companies enabling them to increase the return of investment of international assignments – for example by sharing best-practice solutions of repatriation of employees.

A professional and social networking portal

Repat in Denmark offers Danish repatriates and their families:
  • A platform on LinkedIn, where the members can exchange experiences and information about returning home
  • A homepage, including a repat guide with relevant information about moving back to Denmark (Spring 2015)
  • Professional and social events for Danish repatriates and their families 


Every year approximately 10.000 Danes, between the ages of 25-64, return to Denmark. About 21% of Danish repatriates have a higher education. The experience and knowledge gained abroad by repatriates provides Danish companies with a competitive advantage when competing on the global market. However, many repatriates experience unexpected difficulties when returning to Denmark. In fact, they often state that returning home is more difficult than living abroad. As a result, one in four of all Danes working abroad are considering not returning to Denmark.

By offering a social and professional network to Danish repatriates as well as supporting them in settling in, Repat in Denmark contributes to a successful reintegration of Danish repatriates and their families – both professionally as well as privately; thus, benefitting from the repatriate’s new knowledge and competencies gained whilst abroad.

More information

Contact Tiny Maerschalk, Head of International Community, on +45 8612 7200 or

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